Gaining our Services

We make it easy to conduct business with CDE.
We support our clients with a comprehensive range of services that all do one thing: solve problems effectively. From process improvement to technical communication, we apply a proven methodology developed over years of experience serving research and development (R&D) and analytical organizations. Beginning with an assessment, we create the necessary tools to address issues in concept development, requirements definition, strategy, planning, and knowledge management. We can provide these services right with you or remotely for you. Our products and services are matrixed across three core practice areas: Strategy & Technology Consulting, Integrated Communications, and Operations Management & Enhancement.

Some of our clients are best served with on-site With Staff Augmentation, CDE provides quality on-site, subject matter experts to sit by side with clients for any period of time or until the project ends. Virtual Strategies is off-site project management or support.   

We are flexible and responsive to our client's preferred method of service procurement. We are able to facilitate arrangements such as:

  • Government Contracts
  • Subcontracts
  • Service Agreements
  • Blanket Purchase Agreements
  • Task, Delivery or Purchase Orders
  • We even accept credit cards!

Having had a cost accounting system in place since 2010, we are able to provide our products and services on a Firm-Fixed Price (FFP), Time and Materials (T&M) and Cost-type basis.


Specialty Acquisition & Support

Requirements Shaping & Definition

If the biggest problem that clients have is "We didn't get what we wanted," the biggest vendor problem is "They chose the wrong answer."

Unfortunately for both parties, customers are too overwhelmed to conscientiously define what success looks like, treating requirements definition as an encumbrance. And responsibility is spread too thin for accountability to rest in any one individual. This creates an opportunity for vendors to position their solution in terms that both parties can agree on.

Reach out to us for help in defining strategic goals and objectives down to specifying who gets what at what price. 

Foreign Military Sales and Funding (FMS & FMF) 

CDE provides commercial advisory services to industry partners to enable successful FMF transactions with foreign nations, whether through FMS or Direct Commercial Contracts (DCCs). 

Successfully leveraging FMF starts with a requirement and relationship between an industry partner and a foreign government, and requires navigation through a procedural crucible of requirements analysis, government entities, authorities, approvals, and strategic priorities.

Requirements definition is the key to a successful transaction, positioning CDE as a better partner for these efforts than (more expensive) legal teams.

Contract Close-Outs

Both customers and vendors leave money on the table at the end of contract performance periods due to disregarding the requirements of contract delivery. This can allow unspent funds to expire without any value realized for the customer, and deliverables un-provided without valuable past performance achieved by the contractor.

Contact CDE for a free review of your contractual documentation (base contract and monthly reports) and estimate of potential funds remaining and what can be negotiated within the terms of the contract.

Contact us today to discuss the problems you're working.