Operations Management & Enhancement

Leveraging extensive expertise and recruitment networks in systems-based research and analysis for defense technologies, we can address the most difficult problems our clients encounter. Based on our reach into commercial, defense, IC, and inter-agency communities, our recommendations are strategically focused to leverage expert knowledge and innovations to ensure we solve underlying problems rather than simply treat symptoms of operational or policy gaps. 


Program & Project Management

Domain knowledge and management expertise spanning multiple federal and commercial contracts serve as the foundation of our program and project management support. We offer a full scope of services designed to increase performance, reduce cost, and align complex work to achievable schedules. These services include Strategic Policy Guidance, Contract and Operational Administrative Support, and Performance Management.


Knowledge Management

Projects Completed:

  • Records Management (government)
  • Sharepoint Portal Development (government)

Joint Personnel Recovery (JPRA) Case Study: In 2017, CDE was tasked to create an agency-wide Knowledge Management (KM) program in the newly stood-up J7. CDE is designing and implementing the agency's KM strategy, critical data identification and collection process, and analysis and presentation of information for JPRA leadership's use in answering questions and anticipating changes to the needs of its staff and customers.   


Human Resources Support

Projects Completed:

  • HR Audits (commercial)
  • Deployment Management Policy Development (commercial)
  • Reservist Employee Management Policy Training Manual (commercial)
  • Recruiting Process Development (commercial)
  • Employee Social Media Policy (commercial)

Staff Augmentation

As an Economically-Disadvantaged Women-Owned Small Business, we are entrusted to support the customer’s mission where they are. We provide the agility and cost-savings benefits of a small business while meeting socio-economic participation goals in government contracting. With our deep network and experience in recruiting hard-to-find subject matter experts, we offer rapid turn-around times for attracting and on-boarding qualified staff.