Management Consulting

No two organizations are exactly alike. Our team provides multi-faceted expertise to create tailored organizational solutions from business development to process improvement. We give you results that address your specific areas of concern, not a one size fits all approach.  

Services Offered:



Integrating Emerging Technology




Process Optimization 






Business Development






Human Resources

Relevant Projects:



  • Product life cycle management (PDLCM) software tool implementation (the first instance of a government-wide sharing resource for 3D-printable designs)
  • Created a process for remotely located engineers to rapidly develop and test 3D designs.

  • Lean Six Sigma Training (government)
  • Business Process Reengineering (government)
  • Business Process Optimization

  • Market Research (commercial and government)
  • Price-to-Win Strategies (commercial)
  • Competitive Intelligence (commercial)
  • Strategic Partnering (commercial and government)
  • Event presence (government)

  • Deployment Management
  • Recruiting Process Development 
  • Implemented Virtual Research Tool
  • Created Social Media Policy (commercial client)