Find a Position WITH CDE

Providing management, technology, analytical, and business service solutions for a diverse array of customers, CDE offers full time and consulting opportunities for talented, passionate, and results-focused people to support customers across a full spectrum of technical and operational challenges. In addition to our highly competitive compensation and benefits packages, we created a loyalty-based approach that deeply integrates several perks rarely seen anymore. Consistent across all the following open positions, we seek candidates with the capacity for critical thinking, exploration through intellectual curiosity, and the desire to support our customers with exceptionally high quality of work and innovative ideas:


From on-the-job training for proposal writing to active professional certification pursuit, CDE increases current employee capabilities and knowledge to retain and motivate our staff for future opportunities. We treat all of our personnel like senior consultants and experts, as we selected successful candidates for their top-notch, pedigreed, and impressive qualifications. Talented men and women choose to work for us because they understand that receiving reach-back support improves their focus on customer missions and goals.


We're a small business using enterprise-level tools typically seen only within large businesses and social media tools rarely leveraged effectively within the contracting sector. From customer relationship management to social gaming tools for professional goals and metrics, CDE provides its employees with the best technology services to collaborate, coordinate, and succeed.


Serving both commercial and government clients, CDE maintains a vast array of tightly-woven professional connections with senior leaders across all our business sectors. From large business teammates and senior Government officials to strategic consulting services for clients, we provide our employees with access to the people who matter for their career growth and professional future.


Your professional growth is our corporate growth. We don't believe in corporate bureaucracy at CDE. We strive to ensure that our employees feel that they are part of a bigger team, where individual merit serves as the foundation for business success. As part of our core mission and vision, CDE focuses on providing our employees with full transparency regarding the nature of contract work, professional consultation, and suitability concerns across numerous challenging business environments.