creative dynamics is a women-owned small business serving commercial, government and research organizations in the National Capitol Region.

Strategy & Technology Consulting

We help organizations define where they are currently, where they want to be in the future, and how to achieve their desired end-state. We solve difficult problems across a wide range of domains by using a systems approach. From organic growth road-mapping to technology assessments, policy analyses, and everything in between, we offer the experience and capability to address the threat and problem spaces faced by industry and government.

Integrated Communications

Let's talk, and listen.  We develop strategy and products to deliver the one thing that is important to our customers - effectively communicating and disseminating the right message to the all stakeholders in an organization (management to consumer )- be it the bottom-line or mission results.

Operations Augmentation

We offer soup-to-nuts customer support solutions to increase project performance and your bottom line. We serve our customers to manage their bottom line whether we’re planning, modeling, optimizing, identifying risks, or mitigating issues in a manpower or P&L environment. Our approach solves customer business operations challenges, reducing wasted time and misaligned efforts while increasing cost savings across the entire program or project life-cycle.

Creative Dynamics Edge is the Fairfax, VA DBA of CD Enterprises, LLC.  Contact us to learn more.